Zhongshan Ximen Hardware Products Co., Ltd. (Shenlong Metal Products Factory) is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China Hardware Manufacturing Base and China Locks Export Base.

  Xiaolan Town is the best place to stay. Covers an area of about 6,000 square feet. It is a company that integrates mold development, die casting, stamping, electronics, utility, assembly testing and other comprehensive capabilities. The company takes the development of high-tech products as its direction, and has long been a talented person. It has a group of senior professionals and has been engaged in software development and electronic product development for a long time. The main products are hotel lock, hotel lock, apartment lock, induction lock, magnetic card lock, card lock, IC card lock, sauna lock, cabinet door lock, bathroom lock, locker lock, EM cabinet door lock, power switch, anti-theft Buckle, door suction, RF card smart lock, IC card smart lock, TM card smart lock, sauna wardrobe door lock, high-grade hardware, spherical magnetic card lock, anti-theft buckle, and hotel supporting energy-saving switch, bed control board and other products, extensive Used in hotels, hotels, villas, office buildings, high-end apartments and other places, since the product was put on the market, with the high quality product quality and perfect service, it has won good market recognition.

  Under the current chaotic situation of the smart lock industry, the company is one of the few formalized professional production enterprises. The company has supporting imported equipment, modern production lines, professional technical personnel, strict enterprise management, strong economic foundation, and integration of production and sales services. In the process of comprehensive development, we constantly explore progress and excellence.

  The product has undergone intensive analysis, testing and improvement, breaking through the traditional process and integrating functionality, practicality and observability. Even for every small part, the pursuit of the perfection of the craft while using the real material, all of which reveals the unique charm of Jinji Shi products.

  The Jinjishi series of intelligent products include computer technology, smart card technology, microelectronics technology, sophisticated hardware manufacturing technology, modern information technology and other technical content.

  The electronic part of the product uses PHILIPS CPU and TETEM, MIFARE1, SIEMENS, DALLAS chip, Japan Mabuchi motor and other imported components to ensure the reliability of the core technology of the product and ensure the product qualification rate reaches 100%. All products have passed the test of the national authority and passed other relevant certifications and audits. The fixed-point tracking service puts user satisfaction first, and constantly improves the competitiveness of the products, so that you can rest easy.

  We are based on the spirit of professionalism, dedication, intensiveness and dedication in the electronic intelligence industry. Sincerely, trust, and your satisfaction is the best affirmation for us.